About Us

Alu-Fab are a family business, situated in Lancing Business Park, West Sussex and are ideally positioned to supply the Home Counties with fabricated aluminium products.
Alu-Fab are accredited users of the well established Comar Aluminium System and Fold`n`Slide folding door systems.
We manufacture casement windows and doors,tilt and turn, patios and commercial doors, using the Comar system. Aluminium BI-Folding doors are manufactured using the Fold`n`Slide system.

All Ral colours are available. Hipca White and Antracite Grey (7016) are stock colours.
Most products can be turned around in 3 weeks except for special Ral colours which need an extra week.

Emergency windows and doors can be turned around in 24 hours, subject to stock availability and colour.

Aluminium Conservatories can be manufactured in any Ral colours.

Aluminium residential doors with colour coded Aluminium panels.

Alu-Fab also supply Smart Systems products: Casement windows and doors, Patios and Bi-folds.

  • Aluminium Windows Comar 5 P.i. Energy Efficient

    Comar 5P.i. ECO, 55mm & 75mm Window System
    Economical and Eco-friendly using sustainable aluminium Casement window system 55mm & 75mm Window System. Curved jambs for aesthetic appeal. Designed for residential and light commercial applications. Mechanically cleated for fast track fabrication.
    Project-by–Project U-values. Passed BS7950. Achieved exceptional weather performance at BRE of 600Pa Water, 700Pa Air, 2400Pa Wind Resistance.

    • 60mm system.
    • Complies with BS 6375 and BS 7950.
    • Internal and external glazing options.

    Full range of window configurations:
    • Side/top hung windows.
    • Tilt & turn windows.
    • Bottom hung windows.
    • Vertical & horizontal pivot windows.
    • Top-swing Reversible.
    • Vertical Sliding windows.
    • Horizontal Sliding Windows

  • Aluminium Doors Comar 7

    One of the most extensive range of commercial door configurations available to the market.

    The range includes:
    • Swing Doors
    • Pivot Doors
    • Sliding Doors
    • Rebated Doors
    • Vehicle Access Doors
    • Full integration with Comar 2 window walling, Comar 5 window systems and Comar 6 curtain walling.
    • Special profiles allow the doors to be hung on transom closers directly onto Comar 2 window walling and Comar 6 curtain walling.
    • Glazing from 4mm to 40mm thickness.
    • Multiple brush seals ensure excellent weather tightness.
    • Tested to BS 6375 passed required 600 Pascal pressure differential/water penetration test. Pressure equalisation increased to 1200 Pascal's with 'no leakage'.
    • A wide range of thresholds for applications including disabled access, drained and rebated doors.
    • Comar 7 sliding doors with door beams provide an automatic door solution.
    • A variety of automatic door beams accept most major manufacturers bolt-on automatic door gearing.
    • Automatic door guide rail channels keep the door in alignment with double brush seals that increase weather performance.

  • Comar 3 Double Glazed Aluminium Framing System

    • High aesthetic quality and dependability of performance.
    • Enabling specifiers to design screens and entrances to fulfil the most demanding brief.
    • Fully Integrates with Comar window & doors suites.
    • A two part channel and plate mullion clip together to form a 100mm x 45mm box section enabling modular sash construction.
    • Corner profiles allow for 90 & 135 degree returns, variable angle corners & 3-way glazing.
    • Various cill sections to allow drainage to the exterior.
    • Recessed glazing pockets.
    • Wide range of gaskets.
    • 22.5mm to 32mm thick glazing.
    • Pocket or shuffle glazed.
    • Optional beads & carriers for special projects.

  • Folding Sliding Doors

    This house is a great example of how you can extend your living space, and with over 6 meters this truly did look amazing!
    FD72 Aluminium Bi-fold doors fitted with flush track and sill, finished in RAL 7024M colour coating on aluminium, black hardware with silver flush tracks.

    Door configurations: 5+1 (Open Out, 5 Stack Left, 1 Stack Right) AND 1 (Open Out, 1 Stack Left, 0 Stack Right)

    The 70mm aluminium folding sliding door is our most popular system. It offers a modern look coupled with strength and durability. Minimum maintenance is required to keep its looks, and is thermally broken to keep the cold out.
    The system comes in a standard colour of white (RAL 9016), but can be coloured to suit your tastes for a little extra.

    • Thermally insulated for greater thermal efficiency
    • Heavy duty cleats to make stronger and bigger panels
    • No condensation
    • Resistant to scratching and denting (1.75mm wall)
    • Contemporary appearance
    • Dual colour optional

  • Built For Strength

    We use over size cleats to hold our aluminium panels together to ensure longevity of the joint. The cleat shown on the left of the coin is a competitor’s cleat that was removed from a door panel on a system we replaced. As you can see it is bent out of square.

    Frame Width: 60mm Frame Thickness: 70mm
    Maximum Opening Width: 15000mm Opening Height: 4000mm
    Panel Height Range: 800mm - 3884mm Panel Width Range: 450mm - 1100mm
    Glass Units: Standard 28mm Double Glazed Aluminium Thickness: 1.75mm

    We use over size cleats to hold our aluminium panels together to ensure longevity of the joint. The cleat shown on the left of the coin is a competitor’s cleat that was removed from a door panel on a system we replaced. As you can see it is bent out of square.